Have you ever struggled with the feeling that you are much more brilliant than your current reality? Do you know on some level that you are not living up to your greatness but you can't figure out why or what to do about it? 

Maybe you have a big idea to launch or a book to write. Perhaps there's a promotion to go after, a house to build or a new body to sculpt. What if I could help you remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck and help you bring more of what you want into your life? Would you have the courage to step into your destiny and receive it? Do you have any idea how many people could be impacted if you did?

You are uniquely gifted! You have talents, insights, a creative mind and a special assignment in line with fulfillment of your purpose. The world needs you now more than ever and has been patiently waiting for you to move out in faith. So what are you waiting for? Buckle up baby! It's go time!


Join me for a day of inspiration and empowerment as we usher in the new year with fresh perspective and wide eyes to the possibility of making 2018 the year that we discover our Divine assignment. We will gather as the awesome women we were intended to be and draw from each other's strengths as we work through a series of teachings designed to break through fears and bring clarity to purpose and vision.

Friday, January 26th 2018 9AM-4PM
75.00 125.00

BLUE BELL COUNTRY CLUB (1800 Tournament Drive, Blue Bell PA)

Workshop includes farm to table buffet lunch catered by The Farmer's Daughter and continuous beverage service all day. Reservation fees are non-refundable. In the event of severe inclement weather this event will be rescheduled.

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